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MIDLAND "Antifreeze and Coolant" is a stabilized low acidity substance does not contain phosphates, which is recommended for use in cooling systems of cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. MIDLAND "Antifreeze and Coolant" meets all the requirements of ASTM D 3306 for the antifreeze, including ASTM D 4340 test, the hot corrosion of the aluminum surface. # No "phosphorous compounds, because This could lead to deposits in the cooling system, loss silicate and difficulty monitoring the rainfall, due to water hardness. It provides excellent protection against corrosion for the entire cooling system, so it can be recommended for use on all vehicles with water cooling, regardless of manufacturing material (aluminum, brass, copper, silumin).
•    When used in accordance with the recommendations for use, providing protection from freezing, overheating, corrosion and oxidation
•    Protects all cooling system metal surfaces, including aluminum and constructed of other non-ferrous metals
•    Does not damage the radiator hoses, gaskets and glands
•    Prevents excessive foaming
•    Protects against deposits of calcium and magnesium compounds, because of water hardness that can lead to the emergence of "hot spots" on the heads and blocks
•    Compatible with all major brands anti / coolants based on ethylene glycol.

•    DAIMLER CHRYSLER 325.0/325.2/MS 7170
•    BMW N600 69.0/Land Rover cfr River/Rover
•    OPEL/GM QL 130100
•    FORD ESD-M978B49-A
•    SAAB 69 01 599
•    VOLVO 1286083/2
•    JI CASE JIC-501MAN/STEYR 324 Typ NF
•    DAF DW03245403
•    FIAT-IVECO/FIAT NC 956-16
•    JASO/JIS M325 LLC/K2234 LLC
•    SAE J1034
•    MTU MTL 5048
•    French Standarts

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