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Fuel-injector cleaner + water removerFuel-injector cleaner + water remover

This additive is specially designed for cleaning the fuel injection system. The correct usage ensures the maximum cleanliness of the whole fuel system of both gasoline and diesel engines. Regular application of Midland® "Fuel-injector cleaner + water remover" allows you to maintain the best performance of the engine on the used cars. ...
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Petrol-gas treatmentPetrol-gas treatment

This additive is specially designed for gasoline engines and provides the maximum cleanliness of the entire fuel system. Regular application of Midland® "Petrol-gas treatment" allows you to maintain the best engine's performance on the used cars. ...
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Diesel fuel treatmentDiesel fuel treatment

Specially developed additive Midland® "Diesel fuel treatment" ensures maximum cleanliness and excellent refining of the entire fuel system of diesel engines (including DPF). Its regular application allows you to maintain the best engine performance on the used cars. ...
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Hydraulic valve oil conditionerHydraulic valve oil conditioner

An additive Midland® "Hydraulic valve oil conditioner" is specially developed for stock oil valves. Without any interference to the valves' performance it cleans the contaminated hydraulic lifters and recovers compensation for thermal gap between the tappet and camshaft timing valve train. ...
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Friction modifierFriction modifier

Specially developed additive for motor oil Midland® "Friction modifier" reduces friction and wear gear cylinders and valves. Creates an additional film on the metal surface to improve the quality of lubrication and improves engine protection. ...
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Engine oil treatmentEngine oil treatment

Specially developed additive for motor oil Midland® "Engine oil treatment" helps to improve the viscosity characteristics of the motor oil and keeps the best engine performance on the used cars. ...
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Oil system cleanerOil system cleaner

Specially developed additive Midland® "Oil system cleaner" cleans oil system from the inside and washes out the dirt. By dissolving and washing away the dirt it reduces the contamination of the newly filled oil, thus ensuring the efficiency of an oil change. ...
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Oil stop leakOil stop leak

Specially developed additive for oil systems Midland® "Oil stop leak" restores and protects the seals of the system. It restores the flexibility and elasticity of the sealing material. ...
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ATF stop leakATF stop leak

Specially developed additive Midland® "ATF stop leak" restores and protects the seals of automatic transmissions and power steering (systems that use automatic transmission fluid). It restores the flexibility and elasticity of the sealing material....
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Cooling system stop leakCooling system stop leak

Specially designed radiator sealant Midland® "Cooling system stop leak" perfectly condenses the cooling system. It removes micro-cracks and other leaks particularly leaks from closed connectors and hose bends. ...
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