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In the world of trade marks and brands is not easy to find a decent oil. Whom to believe - in advertising which all products, regardless of the quality of the same, friendly advice service, or inner voice, which should not fail you? Absolute truth - one - good quality oil - a pledge of long engine life of your car. We offer a new product for the Latvian market Midland, which is produced at the plant Oel-Brack AG in Switzerland from 1880.

Of course, the oil market in Latvia has a lot of brands in varying price and quality categories. We wanted to provide not only the motor oil, and high-quality and exclusive product. What could be better than motor oil, the country produced by the standards of superior quality - Switzerland? Midland Oil is produced only in Switzerland. As the oil changed regularly, in addition to the issue of quality is defined and the issue price. We have you pleasantly surprised - our prices are very democratic.

All products Midland was tested under the European classification of lubricants - ASEAN. Obtained with the highest European specifications are guaranteed by quality control system of motor oil - EELQMS. This product also has the tolerance of many major auto manufacturers, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Renault, Volvo, Scania, and other Americans and a Japanese manufacturer of cars is also not left behind - Midland - official partner of Subaru, and is used in the servicing of this brand.

Midland is known in motor racing. Formula 2, dragsters, car assembly, sport bikes, snowmobiles - this is not a complete list of competitions where you can meet Midland.

What we offer you? We offer all kinds of high quality oils, including oils for cars and trucks, motorcycles and scooters and sport bikes, boats and water bikes. In addition, there are different types of lubricants, brake fluids, fluids for cooling, etc. The full range can be found by contacting us directly.

We are the only official representative of Midland in Latvia. We are pleased to advise you and pick up your car for optimum oil.

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