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Latvian 2012 drfit season opening (picture story)

Saturday, on May 12, the new drift seasons has been opened.

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

Auto Exotica 2012 (picture story)

Loud and exciting event for all auto enthusiasts - 13th International car tuning show Auto Exotica 2012 at Kipsala!

Auto Exotica is the largest auto tuning show in the Baltics that consistently every spring brings together all the car lovers.

Representatives of Midland® brand traditionally have prepared an interactive stand for all the car enthusiasts.

You can see pictures from the event here.

G. Lapāns triumph in the first stage of EEDC

On the May 1, Minsk hosted the first stage of the Eastern Europe Drift Championship (EEDC) where the “LAK-Y Racing” team from Latvia sponsored by Midland® has also been invited.

In order to resolve your curiosity, let us fast forward to the championship finals. EEDC winner has been identified in a very brutal race that could be even regarded as a fight; however, this race was not enough for judges to make their choice. As a result, Minsk had an opportunity to watch an additional final race. Finally, to maintain sort of intrigue, judges refused to name the winner unless the bronze winner has taken its place on the podium. Frist stage of EEDC winner is a Latvian pilot from "LAK-Y Racing" team Gatis Lapāns, leaving a second place to a drift master from St. Petersburg`s team "Evil Empires".

The next stage of EEDC held is to be held on May 28 on the Bikernieki track.

You can view photos from the races here.

Auto Exotica 2011 (picture story)

Riga International Auto Show - Auto Exotica is one of the most anticipated annual events. This year visitors were able to explore new car models, exclusively modified automobiles, muscle cars, restored vehicles, great stunt shows from Finnish pilots and of course presentation of Midland® brand, which has already become a tradition.

Pictures from this event can be viewed here.

Auto Exotica 2011

Feel free to visit us at 12. Riga International Auto Show, that will be held from April 28 till May 1!                                                                         

New driftcar of pilot Gatis Lapāns BMW E30 with V8 engine from M5

"LAK-Y" team unveiled its new "BMW E30" drifting car. This season pilots Gatis Lapāns and Jānis Eglīte are set to compete in Latvian PRO Drifting Championship, "King of Europe drift series" and in Estonian Drifting Champ. Both drivers will compete in newly built sports cars which are traditionally sponsored by Midland®.

Gatis Lapāns with his mechanics started to built a driftcar in last year`s September and successfully finished the project only on April 8 2011. Vehicle is equipped with a 550 hp engine from "BMW M5" (E39 V8), however, despite its powerful engine the car weights only 780 kg. Moreover, vehicle is equipped with a safety framework, adjustable "XYZ" shock absorbers and hydraulic handbrake.

"I am very delighted with my new driftcar that is now completed and ready to race and soon will be shown to a wider audience, namely all the mad fans of drifting" - said Lapāns. "I express my great gratitude towards our sponsors, partners and of course car`s  mechanic. "LAK-Y" team is ready to please their fans with a great show in the forthcoming races!"

It is worth mentioning that the first stage of the PRO drift series is to be held on May 28 on the Bikernieki track.

  An exclusive oil for Ford cars

Midland® Avanza 5W-30 - fully synthetic engine oil designed in collaboration with Ford, for gasoline and diesel engines. Provides fuel economy and superior engine protection.

There are certificates of API SL/CF, ACEA A5/B5 and Ford M2C913-C. Available in packs of 1 liter. More information about the product can be obtained here.


Midland® Super MP 75W

Introducing a new product for mechanical gearboxes. Manufactured using solely high quality base oils and innovative additives.

The product is certified by API GL-5 and MIL-L-2105D. Available in packs of 1 liter. More information about the product can be obtained here.

Midland® additives

Recently, to the range of the products offered we have added Midland® patented additives for your vehicle. Like any other Midland® product, additives are created using advanced technology and meeting the requirements of the global trends in the auto chemistry market.

Midland® additives can be divided into several basic types:

  • Restoring additives that reduce wear;
  • Dehydrating additives;
  • Cleaning additives;
  • Additives to prevent leakage of lubricants.

The whole spectrum could be viewed here.

However, it is worth to remember that nothing will bring your engine more benefits than a regular oil change. That`s why we always kindly welcome you to our company store!

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